Responsible Fashion


In our efforts to find the right partners for fabric and production we searched through both the US and Europe. We took our time to seek partners who also believe in responsibly produced product and whose teams are protected by unions and strict health and safety standards. 


Our global search for the latest innovations created under these optimal conditions brought us to Portugal. 

The regions where we hold our main productions are called Vale do Cávado and “Vale do Ave” . The Cavado and Ave are two beautiful rivers that run alongside the Vale/'valley'.  

We are proud to share that all the dye-houses of our production facilities have clean internal water treatments and in no way create any negative impact on the local environment. 

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Both of our our sustainably sourced, KALABLAK™ Tencel® and printed Tencel® fabrics are made from fibers and yarn spun in Europe. These custom designed fabrics are knitted in the same area as our garment production to reduce transportation impact on the environment. We strive to keep our production as concise and local as possible while creating a safe and beautiful product.


After the creation of our our custom fabrics, we ensure that all are third party tested and certified 100% safe for the wearer by the European Oeko-tex Standard 100.  This prestigious certification ensures that no harmful toxins from either fibers or production components, could possibly be absorbed by the skin while wearing.