Micromodal® fibers are extracted from Beechwood and sustainably grown in Europe directly from Beechwood forests. Beech trees are especially ecological as they grow by 'rejuvenation'. Which means that the trees propagate themselves and no artificial irrigation or planting is required, making Beechwood forests a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material.

Our Micromodal® fiber comes from European company Lenzing, who only use Beechwood from forests with forestry legislation and purely sustainable methods. The Micromodal® fibers are produced using Swiss Edelweiss® fiber technology. Edelweiss stands for a "symbiotic" production process where pulp, the raw material, is produced at the same site as the modal fiber itself, in a meticulous closed-loop system. This process conserves energy, is chemical free while spinning and dyeing and eliminates absolutely no toxic by-products into the environment.

After the life cycle of your garment, as Micromodal® is a Botanical, not synthetic fiber, it is fully bio-degradable.

Micromodal® is the finest of all the Modal® family, making for the most lightweight, comfortable garments. It is super soft and has the breathability of Cotton. At VYAYAMA we have carefully blended both our Seamless and Jersey Micromodal® fabrics with a touch of Cashmere, for added warmth and luxe hand-feel.