Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter. Cotton linter is the short downy fiber that enfolds the cotton seeds. The unused silky fibers are not used in cotton production, meaning fibers that are normally unused can be transformed into this beautiful resource.

The cotton linter is removed of all impurities and becomes pure cellulose which is then ready to be spun into yarn. The solvents used to produce Cupro are made in what is called 'a closed loop' system, meaning the solvent is recycled until new solvent is needed. The old solvent is then recycled safely into other industries.

Cupro fiber is made in Japan to strict Japanese standards with absolutely no factory pollution. Only clean water systems are used so that nothing at all is released into the environment during production.

Cupro is a breathable fiber with micropores that quickly absorb moisture and release it to the outside.This regulates body temperature by effectively reducing clinging and transporting moisture away from the skin.

Cupro is hypoallergenic, anti-static and resistant to stretching out of shape at higher temperatures and can be machine washed and dried.

The hand-feel of Cupro fabrics are more luxurious than you might expect from a cotton plant, extremely smooth and silky to the touch.

Our seamless Strata Cupro is knitted with Italian Elastane, transforming this silky soft fiber into a performance fabric. Soft to the touch, yet dense, supple and supportive enough for yoga. European seamless technology creates beautiful contour patterning strategically placed to sculpt and slim the body. The seamless construction allows for a smooth second skin fit and expanded freedom of motion that flows with the wearers every move.

Our Cupro Jersey is naturally outstanding at transporting moisture away from the body. Cool in Summer, warm in winter, making it the perfect year round fabric.