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Our first VYAYAMA muse, 

Edda Petursdottir.  Born and raised in the beautiful landscape of Iceland, Edda started modeling at 14 after winning Ford’s Supermodel of the World Competition in Reykjavik. Since then, Edda has been the face of many well known brands from Urban Outfitters to Barneys and has lived and worked in the world’s most inspiring cities: London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Tokyo. Now based in New York, Edda is an active yogini with over 11 years of experience. Something she says keeps her centered and focused amid her busy schedule.

Edda has also been dj-ing professionally for 4years now. What started as a fun favor for friends, quickly became a passion and commitment. Her eclectic music tastes have landed her numerous gigs in NYC’s hots spots like Boom Boom Room at Standard Hotel, Happy Ending, Sunset Beach at Shelter Island and Gitano in Tulum.  (Explore VYAYAMA summer playlists, curated and mixed by Edda P here.)

Edda’s appetite for life and adventure embodies the spirit of the VYAYAMA woman; balanced, connected, and vibrant!

Keep an eye on Edda's adventures around the globe on Instagram and ongoing blog for VYAYAMA.