What initially inspired you to start Mothers Spell?

I started Mothers Spell as a family life inspired blog, with the main focus on women and what woman and our children are about. In terms of food, exercises, wellness, spirit, fashion, pregnancy, delivery, motherhood, suggestions and inspiration of natural ways of live life. I wanted to create a positive and realistic environment where women can learn and be inspired to heal, grow and just feel better. Little by little, good things are happening. I now have a few amazing women working with me on this mission and am looking forward to the future.
Tell us more about exactly how you connect & work with the people on the ground there? 

I was looking for an organization to get involved with after seeing the horrible images on the news and I discovered the charity 'Support Syrian Children.' I learned about their amazing work helping children and families. I have for a long time wanted to get involved to help children that have nothing or no one, as this is just a beyond heartbreaking situation in our world. So all my work and donations go through them.



How do donations from Mothers Spell make a difference? 

We give food, medical care, clothes, mattress, hugs and our love to the people there. I am actually going on my first trip there on May 29th as I have not been able to go earlier as I have two small children myself.

 Apart from donating, what else can we do to support the cause? Or make ourselves aware? 


Share my page and tell other friends about your own work. Spread the word, get more people involved. I really believe in all of us working together. Now we will start our first, of hopefully, many orphanages. It's a difficult process and needs a lots of work but we just need to do this. We are all mothers with jobs. Thank you so much VYAYAMA for the support. It is needed and appreciated. 

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