Johanna Maggy Hauksdottir

Pilates Teacher, Holistic health/life coach, founder of Mothers Spell Blog

Johanna and I have known each other since we where young ballerinas back in Iceland. I still remember us doing pirouette’s from the studio corner like it was yesterday. You moved to South Africa to work and then you landed in NYC. 

Tell me a little bit about your time in the big apple?

Wow, my time in NYC was quite magical. Making it on your own, getting a job and paying your own rent in Manhattan in your early 20’s to me is something big. I worked hard and had fun in between, made friends and found my sweetheart. I visit now as often as I can and I think I might be moving back soon!

What made you want to learn to become a pilates teacher?

I was a partner in a bar after I came back to Iceland after Africa and honestly had a bad breakup and was not very happy where I was in my life. Then one day I was wondering what to do and I wanted to study but did not know what. My father's wife at the time suggested me to try a private pilates class and told me I could study to become a teacher in NYC. I tried one class and just fell in love. Everything about it felt good. A few months later I was in NYC studying at one of the best studios in the world.

Now you live part time in Milano, Iceland and NYC with your beautiful two boys and your man Fabio Volo. Tell me a little bit about your daily routine?

We love mornings so we put music and candles all year around just to set a nice mood. My little dudes play or fight depends on if they woke up grumpy or not ;) I love smoothies so I make a huge one for the whole family loaded with superfoods so we can all be strong. Then Fabio goes to the radio and the boys to kindergarten. I do my pilates or yoga and then I work. On weekends and after kindergarten we play out side as much as we can looking for treasure in the park!

You recently launched your blog Motherspell. Tell me how that all came about?

Teaching in NYC I had very loyal clients and they would be so happy to feel better by doing pilates and started asking me more advice about food and how to balance their lifestyle and I would not always know the answer. So I went to holistic health coaching and to raw food school Ann Wigmore institute to get more answers and from there a whole new world opened up and I got more and more questions for myself and I started healing and fixing myself. I thought I was so healthy and found out I was not. Then I got pregnant with my first and I started being very interested about women, pregnancy and mothers. Nature had it all figured out way before us so I would like to help people to simplify and bring more natural ways of life into everyday life. I will be sharing recipes and advice for lifestyle and interview mothers from all over the world. There is so much still to learn and from every mother we can learn something. And honestly I think women are amazing. We are just so clever and we should use our powers more. I think the world would be so much better!

And now you are also a TV star! You are in the new television show in Italy called Untraditional. Tell us a little bit about the storyline and about your character.

It is a romantic comedy where Fabio (my partner) is the main character playing himself but it is all fiction. There are many very famous people here in Italy in the show doing funny crazy things they would normally not do. I play the main character wife so I am myself but I say and do somethings I would never ever do. Not easy to explain but I promise it is really funny.

You are also an amazing cook! You are planning to share you secrets in your new blog (which I am particularly excited about!) what is you favorite dish at the moment?
Thank you Edda to believe in me!! Well at the moment I am in love with pasta made with lentils so it is gluten free. I steam Roman broccoli, carrots, broccoli and zucchini, when it is ready I mix it all together in big bowl with good olive oil and a bit of pistachio pesto! Simple and so fast and easy.

Beside being hooked on Pilates do you like any other work outs?

Yoga I love and my next move is to become a teacher. I love walking outside specially in wild nature. Then I love trying new things.  I have always been like that, even as a child. I love hiking as well.

Tell us what you like the most about VYAYAMA clothing and why you do recommend it for active moms?

Well first of all because they are so comfortable and stretchy around the waist so you can totally have a belly in them ahaha. But then the big plus is that it treats our skin so well as there is no toxins in the material and it is plant based. During pregnancy I always look extra careful how I treat my skin and try to choose good materials to wear.

Where do you go/What do you do to find a little peace of mind?

Some short of exercise pilates, yoga, walk or run. Running in the rain really gives me energy. 

When did you last laugh?

At dinner because my son told me he was lucky because his birthday was last Saturday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living in the wild. Owning a health resort. Raising money for children.

And last but not least, what is your life motto?

-What does not kill you makes you stronger.